benny-and-avi-lightalk-teamLIGHTALK grew from the need for prefabricated industrial elements that bring innovated lighting with a new, futuristic and different approach.
The concept behind the integrated profiles is to create a minimalistic effect in continuous light lines enhancing the architectural design.

Avi Hadaya and Benny Tevet are both well experienced lighting designers and consultants. Their shared believes and ambitions created a new innovative plug & light system.
Combining a technical – professional approach together with an architectural and design mode brought on the plasterboard profiles with LED lighting systems for both residential and commercial use.

The plasterboard series is intended to blend with the walls and ceiling, painted in the same color and actually disappear giving the stage to the light. These profiles create ongoing light lines forming a unique solution, pushing the boundaries of architecture, while saving energy.

This line of products includes prefabricated symmetric and asymmetric profiles for up-light, down-light and wall-wash with a variety of lighting angles. The profiles are suitable for any kind of lamps and for LED in particular. All modules are Design Patent or design patent pending.

The plasterboard profiles were just the beginning.
LIGHTALK team is always one step ahead in creativity and innovation, chasing the next breakthrough technology.

Nowadays we are in the process of developing a new series designated for concrete walls and ceilings, suitable also for the outdoors and we have plans for more.

Today LIGHTALK is an international lighting company, offering a complete range of innovated lighting designs.