lightalk-logoLIGHTALK grew from the need for prefabricated industrial elements that bring innovated lighting with a new, futuristic and different approach. The concept behind the integrated profiles is to create a minimalistic effect in continuous light lines enhancing the architectural design.

Combining a technical – professional approach together with an architectural and design mode brought on the plasterboard profiles with LED lighting systems for both residential and commercial use.
nanofiber-logoStudio Nano-fiber develops, design and manufactures products with innovative and luxuries looks, furniture, lighting features and elements for the home environment, office, public or commercial spaces.
Studio Nano-fiber was established in 2009 by Asa Levental specializing in composite materials. Asa Levental, with 10 year experience in applications at the aviation field, decided to exploit his knowledge, skills and experience in the composite materials field and turned to design and architectural applications.

led-design-logoLed design was created to developed solution for needs relevant to various fields of lighting. All Led Design products manufactured under high standard in our high tech facility in Israel since 2007.

Led Design believes awareness of all aspects of space and the ambiance will be created by right LED light. Led Design designs and manufactures long life products, coupled with an elegant and minimalist design that makes them fit in an elegant environment.